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Historie kolejnej porcji skórek

Na serwer testowy PBE wprowadzona została kolejna mała aktualizacja przynosząca ze sobą tylko i wyłącznie kolejną porcję historii z klienta gry

  • Nazwy Serii Skórek:
    • World Championship Winners 2019
    • Forgotten Depths
    • Conqueror
  • Historie:
    • Conqueror Varus: Commemorating the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational in Europe.
    • Abyssal Nautilus: “Never once have I sailed these waves looking for missing divers. Something unnatural lives in the depths, and I fear what it does to these lost souls.”
    • Bear Cavalry Sejuani: Sejuani has taken to battle on an armored, one-eyed warbear the size of a shed, while swinging a land mine on a chain, wearing a delightfully vintage red-star hat. Good luck out there!
    • Invictus Gaming Fiora: Honoring TheShy’s winning performance as Fiora during the 2018 World Championship.
    • Conqueror Alistar: Commemorating the 2018 Mid-Season Invitational in Europe.
    • Uncle Ryze: Uncle Ryze wants YOU… to get on the rift!
    • Invictus Gaming Kai’Sa: Honoring JackeyLove’s winning performance as Kai’Sa during the 2018 World Championship.
    • Invictus Gaming Camille: Honoring Ning’s winning performance as Camille during the 2018 World Championship.
    • Galaxy Slayer Zed: Zed was a promising Templar before he became host to the hivemind of ora and imbued with its alien essence. Able to morph his body into living weapons, he now sees himself as the perfect life form, deserving of all ora and destined to cleanse the galaxy of the weak.
    • Deep Sea Nami: “I saw her! Where light ceases and one is alone with the cold darkness and the sea, she appeared before me– a wordless, ancient thing, pulsing with an unearthly luster as vicious shapes twisted in the gloom beyond.”
    • K/DA Evelynn Prestige Edition: With that wild in her veins, K/DA Evelynn stomps into the spotlight, shimmering in a custom golden outfit from the Pop Music Awards. Only ‘winning, winning’ now.
    • Festival Queen Anivia: For one week a year, Anivia takes a break from being a prophetic ice spirit of the Freljord, and takes off for warmer climes– somewhere people will appreciate her samba.
    • Deep One Kassadin: “Kassadin vanished at sea over fifty years ago. Whatever you saw down there– if you did see anything– it can’t have been the same man I watched fall into the drink. And if it was… gods help us.”
    • Invictus Gaming Irelia: Honoring Duke’s winning performance as Irelia during the 2018 World Championship.
    • Deep Terror Thresh: “If there really was a kingdom beneath the sea, it must have been destroyed long ago. How else do you explain the revenants that prey upon these shores? How else does that thing– Thresh– exist, trapping our souls in his accursed diving bell?”
    • Invictus Gaming Rakan: Honoring Baolan’s winning performance as Rakan during the 2018 World Championship.
    • Coral Reef Malphite: “When I was young, I used to watch our ships sail back to port– but of late can’t bring myself to look. For every vessel that docks, another runs aground of coral that was not there before. It’s as though even the seabed has turned against us, slowly moving toward some unfathomable end.”
    • Invictus Gaming LeBlanc: Honoring Rookie’s winning performance as LeBlanc during the 2018 World Championship.
    • Deep Sea Kog’Maw: “Perhaps my old mind was deceived by the fury of the storm. Yet as we sank, I glimpsed a field of lights beneath the waves, a thousand eyes of wicked alabaster… they were dark things tearing into the flesh of our crew as if all they ever knew was hunger.”

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