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Influence of the pre-game lobby

influence of the pre-game lobbyI’m a big fan of statistics in all kind and shape. As soon as I started playing rankeds I began gathering a lot of info about each game – I use spreadsheet where I try to write down every important info I can get. Since I’m not playing a lot of rankeds I asked for help with gathering my friend. We both gathered info about over 200 rankeds and we proudly present you our work:


Even by only looking at this chart you can say that there pre-game chat can be game defining. As most of you would assume if there is any sort of trash-talk during this phase of the game your chances of winning drop drastically – out of 21 games where people started whining and raging during champion pick we managed to win only 6. We both are calm and steady persons – I suppose we never did join argues – so it’s the influence on the rest of the team. If u managed to read to this point you have to admit: raging makes you lose. During those 21 games it was nearly impossible to calm down whole team and therefore to win the game.

2 players want the same role - 40% win-ratio

chances of winning when 2 or more players want the same role Or as we should write it “2 or more players want the same role” – because few times 3 people wanted to take particular lane (we had one game where 3 people wanted the support role, probably because I’m support dedicated player, but even though arguing about support role is still impressive and sometimes i feel like I’m in ELO heaven). In this case we count only the times where people actually were arguing about taking particular role and the pick order was the final factor.

No talk - 57% win-ratio

chances of winning when noone speaks 56,67% Win Ratio is very close to our overall win-ratio which is XX,XX%. In this situation we were counting the times, where less than 2 people spoke their roles (not including ourselves of course). We thought that this is the most standard scenario – that most of the games goes like this. When we gathered enough data it was clear that it is not the most common situation. Anyway when no one have spoken people are often taking their primary or secondary roles and the game is going by it’s natural flow.

Roles spoken - 59% win-ratio

chances of winning when noone speaks There isn’t much of a difference between this situation and “no talk” situation which is kind of strange. Probably on the ELO we play everyone knows how to play every role (not saying they’ve got equal skill on every role, just saying they know basics).

A bit of conversations - 68% win-ratio

chances of winning when noone speaks To my surprise it was the most common situation – at least 3 of players were having small talks and at least were greeting each other. If both the roles were spoken AND players were having small talks we included it here. As you can see the win-ratio went almost 10% up from the previous situation – the talk seems to be the best things for winning the game even before the actual game begins!

Lots of talk +Tactic included - 79% win-ratio

chances of winning when noone speaks This is the last situation we included – it happens really rarely but it’s worth noticing. In this case people were talking about tactic (bot/top lane swaps, early invasion, 2 junglers etc) and not raging at each other. Out of 14 games we played this way we lost only 3 – so it’s seems to be the real perfect solution to all SoloQ players.

Quick conclusion

Talk, talk, talk. The more you talk with the teammates the more probably you gonna win. You should try to understand your teammates and pre-game lobby is excellent for it.

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